Note-taking, doodles and sketches from TED2014

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Do you think in pictures? These TED fans do — and they capture their thoughts in an idiosyncratic mix of words and text that parallels the way their thoughts flow.

Sharon Hwang posted this adorable video on Instagram, showing her thumbing through her notes from TED2014. She writes, “What an amazing week at TED! Leaving completely inspired, with a pile of notes scribbled.”

A group of “citizen journalists” jotted down their thoughts on the conference using OneNote Online, Microsoft’s group note-taking system. Below, Sheryl Connelly’s interpretation of Larry Page’s talk.


Also via OneNote, Grace Rodriguez remembers Ray Kurzweil’s talk.


In her talk from TED2011, Sunni Brown made the plea: “Doodlers, unite!” This year, she shared her visual recordings of TED2014 talks with LinkedIn. Below, see her capturing of a talk from Amanda Burden, New York City’s former director of city planning.


Collective Next has made a tradition of scribing TED conferences

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