Visual notes from EPIC2018


As some of you might know every year since 2009, I have been attending The Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference this premier international gathering on ethnography in business has been intellectually fulfilling and challenging at the same time, every time I take visual notes to document and remember what I learn.

In the beginning I made them by hand in my notebooks, now I have change to the digital version by using the app Noteshelf in my iPad; I even encourage to use some of my colleagues.

Just Take notes!
Just take notes!

Here are my notes I took this last EPIC2018 which was held in Honolulu, Hawaii from the 9 to the 12th of October.

You can also see them at issuu to:

EPIC2018_png P5

It was one of the biggest ever with 600 people attending. The theme this year was EVIDENCE and they try to include a new vision from Data Scientist.
This was a special EPIC also because I was proud to present my first paper:

In the session Beyond the Interview New Methods of Collecting Data.
Map Making: Mobilizing Local Knowledge and Fostering Collaboration. (I promise I will show it when they are published in the Proceedings)

And the gallery was awesome:


The Notes start with the Tutorial I took:

Mobile Tools for Remote Contextual Inquiry by Susan Kresnicka & Karis Eklund, Kresnicka Research & Insights; & Jaymie Wahlen, dscout

The tutorial was great, but the venue was impressive:  The Imin International Conference Center right across the street from The University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Here are some highlights from the conference:

  • “Meaningful relationally” in the way we acquire knowledge the concept go “navoti” atom Justin B. Richland
  • “Its all about interdisciplinary collaboration” A new generation of data scientist is starting to collaborate with anthropologist by “starting with the recipe” Tom Lee
  • Sense making is a good way to start to collect evidence
  • Specially Virginia Eubanks which was one of my favorites! Asked How do we guarantee economic human rights for all? (I would add not only in the US, but everywhere) and her answer was: By building Universal floors and Expand our vision.
  • Donna Flynn from Steelcase. “Diversity makes us stronger” and “The value of data will be in its meaning” and encourage us to take a look at the concept of “backstaging” to imagine the future.


Any way, I invite you to read the notes and hope to summarize this incredible experience or If you attended, I hope they will help you  remember those great moments.


Nora Morales

If you want the pdf of my notes or wish to learn how to do it! just ask me