Dibujando Garabatos, uno aprende matemáticas

Creo que hay un punto común entre detectar patrones y el dibujo. Esta hipótesis se ve reforzada por los increíbles videos de Vi Hart, “Doodling in Math Classes” que exploran la idea de aprender de manera divertida las matemáticas. (que de hecho creo que esa en si es una gran idea!, hay que explorar como aprender TODO de la forma mas divertida). En fin regresando a lo que estabamos hablando, al ver estos videos hice un experimento y le mostré 2 videos; el de las “Snakes + Graphs” y el de “Infinity Elephants”, a mi hija Roberta de 10 años quien no ha parado de dibujar estas viboras y fractales en sus cuadrenos. Lo que me recuerda el tipo de garabatos que yo hacía en la escuela (voy a buscarlos a ver si los encuentro para analizarlos).


Dibujos de Roberta H. 10 años

En fin, les pongo una recopilación de videos de esta gran matemática-artista, quien se denomina: Mathemusician.

Infinity Elaphants

Doodling in Math Class: Snakes + Graphs

Bynary Trees

Sick Number Games


The Gauss Christmath Special


How to eat Candy Buttons like a Recreational Mathemusician


Möbius Music Box




Estos videos son de los más vistos en Youtube y no sólo eso sino que ha habido mas videos que salen de esta idea, o comentarios de chicas qeu adoran la idea de ViHart:

Doodle art


How to Doodle

Vihart ROCks video review.


Que creo que nos habla de el gran efecto que puede tener una manera de visualizar las matematicas, tema que ha sido poco explorado. Una última reflexión, me gustaría recopilar esta info en un cuaderno de ejercicios y probar si resultan una herramienta interesantepara aprender matemáticas.

Esté último video me lo encontré ayer, es una plática de ViHart, dando una plática en “Joint Mathematics Meetings” in New Orleans. sobre Planos Hiperbolicos, es uan conferenciapara matematicos, pero me encanta el estio tan fresco y apasionado que tiene, msimo que comunica en sus videos,  me llama mucho la antencion la idea de la visualización para entender lo complejo, y como parte de observar lo que nos rodea en la vida cotidiana, de hecho parte de sus modelos hechos con globos y botellas desechables se antoja para tener en cualquier primaria, secundaria y no se diga universidad para un laboratorio de prototipos.


Hyperbolic Planes Take Off!


Life on the Go: An Infographic

Life On The Go: An Infographic

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If you’re reading this on-the-go, look up and around you. Chances are, there are at least several others clutching their smart phones, iPad, e-reader, or other mobile device. Unless you’ve been living in isolation since cell phones got “smart,” it’s obvious that our devices now fill a permanent place in our lives, changing aspects of our routines from how we kill time on our commute to how we spend a Friday night. Especially for the growing up digital set, lives and habits revolve around mobile devices.

A recent New York Times investigation chatted with a teen who sends 27,000 texts a month, and has the blistered fingers to prove it. This is to say, many of us wouldn’t leave our devices behind when we go to a different room, let alone leave the house for the day without it. Given that many of us are on-the-go device addicts, we decided to do a bit of investigation on how we consume content away from our homes.

<!–more–> After polling Creative Professionals on the Behance Network, we came up with 7 insights on how we use our mobile devices, presented here in infographic form. The results paint an interesting picture of mobile users in 2010. As for how much time we actually spend clicking away on these devices? It seems that it’s just as common to use your device for 30 minutes as it is for 15 hours (yes, as in 15 hours). Though just how heavily we use our devices is unpredictable, the results indicate some commonality: we love to use Facebook (twice as much as Twitter), doesn’t always care that “there’s an app for that,” and checks in with our mom far more often than you’d expect.

Infographic of the Day: Your Complete Guide to Beer | Co.Design

Beer has quickly become the bearded nerd’s equivalent of wine: Something about it inspires passionate arguments about nerdy arcana such as the shape of brewing vats and hops growing seasons. The pursuit of perfect suds can be seen blossoming at your local grocery store, where beer aisles are bursting at the seams with mind-numbing levels of variety.

So here, we present you with something perfect for lazy beer nerds: An infographic to tell you the best beers, according to category:


The infographic was the brainchild of designer Ben Gibson and book editor Patrick Mulligan — the same people behind this fabulous chart of rapper names.

The two of them met at a publishing house, where Gibson was designing covers for books that Mulligan was editing. (Sounds — and looks — a heck of a lot like the story of Co favorite Doogie Horner.) Just a couple weeks ago, they launched Pop Chart Lab — which sells the beer infographic as an 18″x24″ poster, for a mere $25.

Perfect for use as a cheat sheet for lording beer knowledge over your friends at the used record/books/clothing store.

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Una buena visualización de sabores

Article: Infographic of the Day: Your Complete Guide to Beer

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Infographic of the Day: Your Complete Guide to Beer

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