El nuevo museo Arte, tecnología y diseño


With the announcement of its Advisory Council and first group of members, NEW INC hopes to demonstrate just what one can expect from “the first museum-led incubator dedicated to art, design, and technology.”

The business world is teeming with tech incubators and co-working spaces geared toward startups, and they’re populated with young entrepreneurs looking to develop the next big blockbuster idea. But what of the creative entrepreneur–those more interested in mashing up art and culture and commerce in the spirit of experimentation? For them, there’s NEW INC. Founded by New York’s New Museum, it’s the first museum-led incubator dedicated to art, design, and technology that intends to fill in that gap between the art and startup worlds by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

Since the program was announced in March, NEW INC has been accepting applications and today the organization has revealed the first group of artists and innovators that will take part in the year-long incubator program. Of the first selection of members, NEW INC director Julia Kaganskiy says, “We’re really interested in bringing a diverse range of perspectives together because we think they have a lot to gain by being in dialogue with one another. And I think that’s one of the things that will really drive this program for us: this investigating of new, sustainable business models for creative practice.”

The first group of members are: Sougwen Chung, Cla (Janos Stone, Sheena Matheiken), Adam Harvey, Kunal Gupta, Maxrelax (Drew Lustro, Don Kim, Jesse Chorng, Paul Castellana), Accurat (Giorgia Lupi, Gabriele Rossi), Lisa Park, PARTY (Masashi Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, Tom Galle), Tristan Perich, Print All Over Me (Jesse Finkelstein, Meredith Finkelstein, Kate Weintraub, Hayley Martell), Sabine Seymour, Paul Soulellis, and Charlie Whitney.

The accepted projects span new platforms for digital to physical manufacturing (Print All Over Me, clā), wearable technology (Sabine Seymour), countersurveillance products (Adam Harvey), software development (Kunal Gupta, Tristan Perich), cutting-edge creative agencies (PARTY, Maxrelax), information design (Accurat, Paul Soulellis), as well as installation and performance art (Sougwen Chung, Charlie Whitney, Lisa Park). Adds Kaganskiy: “We were looking for people who were bringing an experimental approach to utilizing technology for the purposes of art, design, and creative services. The way we’re conceiving this is to be about bringing different tribes and organisms to coexist as a whole.”

As a cultural institution, the New Museum has been known for supporting new art and new ideas, challenging assumptions and rethinking the role of what a museum is, according to Kaganskiy. So when the museum purchased the adjoining building in 2008, it put in motion the beginnings of this cross-disciplinary, art-led incubator.

Julia KaganskiyPhoto by Alexander Porter

“The New Museum had been thinking about how to use the space and extend this idea of pushing boundaries,” says Kaganskiy. “They had been thinking about experimenting with a new model, one that mixes art with the practices of some of the neighboring co-working incubator spaces that we saw springing up around us. We wanted to create a space that would foster work that’s at the intersection of art, design, and technology and that would be more experimental. It’s about creative inquiry as opposed to being the next Facebook.”

NEW INC is circled.

There will be 40 full-time and 40 part-time members of the NEW INC incubator all of whom will have access to the space, shared resources, and professional development programming, as well as access to a network of members and advisors. The NEW INC advisory council, which was also announced today, includes:

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