Will Burtin’s Legacy to Information Design

Muy interesante artículo sobre las competencias del diseñador de información y su liga con la ciencia.

Mapping Complex Information. Theory and Practice

133-burtinWork Selection of Burtin’s work. Left to right: Cover design for Fortune magazine (1947) / Diagram comparing “the impacts of Penicillin, Streptomycin and Neomycin on a range of bacteria designed for Scope magazine” (1951) / Page from a gunnery manual re-published in Graphis (1948); lines were added to “show paths taken by trainees’ eyes” (Remington and Fripp, 2007)

Many has been written about the legacy of John Snow, Charles Minard, William Playfair, Jacques Bertin, Otto Neurath, and even Ladislav Sutnar to information design, but comparatively very little has been said about the work of Will Burtin. He was a German-born designer who emigrated to the United States just before the beginning of the second World War. His catalogue and print design, and 3D models and exhibitions are foundational contributions to information design, while his rationale and way of making sense of problems have greatly influenced how…

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