Migration of Landscapes

Interesante como se visualiza la migración de animales, y la de los humanos?

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[Map of goose migration routes across North America, from Frank Bellrose’s definitive book on the subject: Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America]

Migration is typically used to describe the physical movements of organisms.  Accordingly, studies of migratory patterns tend to focus on the movements of birds, fish, butterflies, wolves and other biota.  In vernacular usage, migration is applied more broadly, encompassing the movements of human political refugees, molecular diffusion in physics, calibration of seismic recordings, and data storage within information infrastructure.  In Seeking Refuge Robert Wilson states:

Defining migration is not as easy as it seems.  Although most people use the term loosely in reference to the movement of someone or something from one place to another, biologists employ more precise definitions.  Migration is a coping mechanism for dealing with the uneven distribution of resources across time and space (30).

Referencing the work of Zoologist Hugh Dingle…

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