Los más famosos cortes de pelo de la historia

From the Solo (Han) to the Singer (Alvy), and Ace Ventura to The Dude, highlighting the best in cinematic ‘dos–and a mighty queue’s worth of films to see.


Here at Co.Design, we’ve posted quite a few infographics by Popchart Lab, on everything from video game controllers to beerto kitchen tools. Y’all aren’t tired of that, are you? No? Great! Because they’re out with another, this time dedicated to the most famous haircuts in the history of Hollywood.

Offhand, I can’t think of any that are missing here, and that’s obviously part of the continuing charm of Popchart Lab–the sense that these guys have spent some backbreaking hours mining all the detritus of popular culture, pulling up nuggets that you totally forgot about but totally love. Check it out:

[Click to view larger]


Just from a sheer graphical standpoint, it’s sort of amazing how much the people who wore these haircuts are visible despite the total lack of any facial features besides eyebrows and beards:

Which I think proves a few things: For one, our brains are wired for faces, and eyebrows play an astonishingly large role in that. (Just witness how terrifying people look without them, and how similar!) And two, there are so many variations of face and head shape that every haircut really is different on every one who wears it. Which explains why every time anyone you knows goes into a salon with the perfect picture of the hair they want, it never looks as good as they thought.


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