Ilustraciones que se generas solas

Now For Sale: Prints Of An Insanely Complex, Digital Sculpture

A project initiated for a British paper manufacturer produces stunning abstract art.

Update: Field’s generative illustrations are finally on sale! Prints cost 80 pounds (about $130) each and come in 10 different patterns. To buy a copy, go here. To read our original post, see below.

Scanning the slideshow above, you’d be forgiven for mistaking all those gorgeous abstract images for oil on canvas — or, at minimum, the handiwork of someone unusually deft with the paint-bucket tool in Kid Pix.



But look a little closer, and the weird canyons and crags and neon colors start to appear vaguely related, like the pieces of some tripped-out puzzle straight from the mind of Timothy Leary. It’s not that far off. What the artists, London-based Field, call “generative illustrations” are actually snapshots of a massive, absurdly complex, 3-D digital sculpture.

The sculpture is so complicated that you can never see it in full.

The sculpture is so huge and complicated, in fact, that you can never see it in full; in Field’s telling, “its entirety remains hidden in a vast virtual space: its actual shape, touch and materiality is left to the viewer’s imagination.” That hasn’t stopped the artists from photographing the hell out of it from every vantage point imaginable. What you see here is a sliver of a sample. Field managed to generate a whopping 10,000 “digital paintings,” each totally unique.

The paintings were originally dreamed up for the print-test brochures of GF Smith, a British paper manufacturer, but Field’s Vera-Maria Glahn tells Co.Design they’ll be released as art prints “very soon.” Better jump on that before Wavy Gravy scoops up the whole lot.

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