Rediseñando “la receta”

En un proyecto de la revista o zine GOOD pidieron a varios participantes que replantearan el concepto de receta, si esa lista de ingredientes que usamos para cocinar platillos, o el libro que pasamos de generación en generación en nuestras familias y que preciadamente guardamos a pesar de las manchas y letra cursiva difícil de leer.

Bueno pues a continuación les muestro algunas de los 22 conceptos que mandaron las cuales se me hicieron muy interesantes que aunque si quieren verlas todas sigan esta liga. Parece que el anuncio de los ganadores se hizo el 4 de abril. Aunque no me pude enterar cual era.


A recipe is basically a set of instructions delineating how to assemble and create a certain food. Perhaps the most iconic of all visual instruction manuals comes with every item of furniture bought at any IKEA. Illustrator and designer Ethan Buller parodied the format to describe the assembly of a Vietnamese Pho. Enjoy!See his full-size pho recipe here.


 Francesco Vedovato is a designer who works between the fields of architecture, graphics, photography, and illustration. He also investigates green design, street art, and urban interventions at The Pop-Up City and The G. Canyon in a Crack.

See his full-sized lasagna recipe here (and additional four-panel instructions here).


Christine A. Stavridis, a student illustrator-turned-designer at Washington University, is fascinated with information and interactive design. Her wonton soup recipe comes from her thesis project this semester, a book on Filipino food. She says Vignelli and other MTA maps influenced her design model since they describe multiple simultaneous timelines and semi-linear paths.


Designer Margaret McGill makes this meal when she’s running low on groceries, using various canned goods and condiments she has lying around. The recipe was inspired by Nicola Graimes’ “Sweet and Sour Mixed Bean Hot Pot” from her book Vegetarian. But McGill has reinvented the dish as a stew, highlighting one of the pleasures of learning to cook: making recipes your own.


Kaity Li and Antonio Pacheco collaborated on this French onion soup recipe. Kaity is a graphic designer working in Chicago. Antonio is a chef working at Farmhaus in St. Louis. They both graduated from Washington University in May 2010.

See their full-size soup recipe here.


Katie Shelly is a multimedia artist who plays with illustration, animation, video, and installation. “Picture Cook” was born out of a hasty moment on the phone, jotting down the recipe for eggplant parm on a tiny bit of paper. It turned out that the pictorial recipe was not only easier to write, but more efficient to follow too.

See her full series of pictorial recipes here.




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