Ffunction – Data Visualization – Filed under ‘DataViz’

Dear readers, this post is in. French only did it Refers to a presentation only available in French – more to come in Français!
I had the pleasure of attending the Fair for Free Software in Quebec , held on 6 and 7 December 2010 at the Laval University in Quebec City. This first show was an opportunity to bring together professionals from Free Software, interested citizens and obviously members of different government, whether municipal, provincial or federal. With hundreds of registrants, the show reflects the growing importance that takes open technologies in our society and the role they can play in enabling our company to power a digital economy in a sustainable manner.
The presentation that I have made ​​is called ” Government 2.0: Data open Web and Views “. It was for me to show how to leverage technology to enable a democracy more modern and transparent. This is a presentation that requires no real understanding of technique, but the tone on the issues that arise, while providing some answers on how to cope. I tackles including two major projects on which we worked: OSIRIS for the City of Dieppe and our viewer expenditure .

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