What is Data Visualization? – FFunction – Data Visualization

As data visualization is still new, we find ourselves explaining what it is rather often. We sat down and thought of a diagram we could show to people confused by what we do.

In essence, data visualization is a new pluri-disciplinary domain, where different expertises blend and overlap — it mixes different perspectives, and that is what we wanted to represent.

Here are the details of the different terms we used:
Fields: Design, Communication, Information and their mix: Visual Communication, Data journalism, User Interface
Raw elements: Look & Feel, Idea, Data
Disciplines: Journalism, Information Architecture, Typography
Process elements: Visual Design, Objective, Dataset
Outputs: Layout, Story, Report, Data Analysis, Dashboard, Interface
Final result: Form, Concept, Knowledge
Core competencies: Readability, Logic, Usability
Core values: Simplicity, Informativeness, Relevance

We were inspired by Information Architects Spectrum of UX.

very interesting diagram

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